Milk Tea Color

Do you like drinking milk tea? This drink is not just trending among foodies, yet its one-of-a-kind shade is additionally an inspiration for tinting hair. With the base color of delicious chocolate, you can be imaginative by attempting numerous Milk Tea Color types of derivatives as well as color mixes according to your favored beverage. The result is cozy, with a touch of beige and is someplace in between brown and dark brown. For those of you who want to transform your look, right here are 10 inspiration Milk Tea Color hair shades that are trending among Korean musicians.


YoonA ‘SNSD’ earl gray milk tea

Yoona ‘SNSD’ Earl Gray Milk Tea

For those of you that don’t truly like to stand out YoonA ‘SNSD’ earl gray milk tea can be an essential. According to the type of beverage that looks cozy and also classic, this hair shade will certainly likewise provide a cozy impact to your complete look.

This shade has more brownish components, which makes it look warm, but slightly lighter in undertones. You can mimic YoonA’s long bob haircut to give it a contemporary and also fresh look.


Joy 'Red Velvet' hazelnut milk tea

Joy ‘Red Velvet’ Hazelnut Milk Tea

If you wish to obtain an appearance that looks brighter, but likewise looks stylish, Joy ‘Red Velvet’ hazelnut milk tea can be your option. Like Pleasure who colored her hair the color of this beverage.

Hazelnuts have a slightly darker brown base shade, which will certainly give your hair much more measurement. This shade will certainly not just make your hair show up better, it will certainly also give the illusion of volume to your hair. If you are out in the sunlight, this hair color will certainly stand out also a lot more.

With the base shade of delicious chocolate, you can be innovative by trying various types of by-products and also color combinations according to your preferred drink. For those of you that want to change your appearance, here are 10 ideas for Milk Tea Color hair shades that are trending among Korean musicians. Hazelnuts have a somewhat darker brown base color, which will give your hair extra measurement.


Sooyoung ‘SNSD’ brown sugar milk tea

Sooyoung ‘SNSD’ Brown Sugar

Sooyoung ‘SNSD’ brown sugar milk tea trying out hair shade, among which was developing a variety of brownish shade derivatives. Among them is brown sugar milk tea, which is motivated by beverages that are really fashionable today.

Brown sugar Milk Tea Color has a lower undertone than your common Milk Tea Color. This shade appears classic and also will certainly never ever head out of design. This color appropriates for those of you who have a company face since the warm shade will certainly soften your face. Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Shade


Lisa ‘BLACKPINK’ classic milk tea

Lisa ‘BLACKPINK’ Classic

Lisa ‘BLACKPINK’ classic milk tea is undoubtedly among the Oriental artists who appropriates for using any hair color, consisting of milk tea Because it is a risk-free shade and matches any kind of skin tone, this light brown color is usually the choice. To get this color, you can color your hair brown, then give it blonde highlights to get the best classic Milk Tea Color.


Dami ‘Dreamcatcher’ highlight milk tea

Dami ‘Dreamcatcher’ Highlight Milk Tea

If you don’t want to dye your hair overall, you can mimic Dami ‘Dreamcatcher’ highlight milk tea. Dami applies an ash brown color that has dark undertones and appropriates for any kind of complexion.

To enhance her look, Dami included a lighter highlight, particularly blonde Milk Tea Color. These highlights provide Dami’s lob hairstyle a lot more measurement. You can get a mature and also attractive perception by attempting this shade.


Sowon ‘Gfriend’ honey milk tea

Sowon ‘Gfriend’ Honey Milk Tea

When used to your hair Sowon ‘Gfriend’ honey milk tea will certainly provide a soft impact. This shade is suitable for those of you who such as to appear womanly, due to the fact that the soft color will support your appearance. Include warmer brownish highlights so they don’t look as well pale.

Brownish sugar milk tea has a lower touch than your normal Milk Tea Color. This light brown color is usually the choice since it is a risk-free shade and matches any skin tone. To get this shade, you can dye your hair brown, after that provide it blonde highlights to obtain the best traditional Milk Tea Color.


Jang Wonyoung ‘Iz one’ caramel

Jang Wonyoung ‘Iz one’ Caramel

For those of you that such as to consume sugar milk tea with added dessert, why not try this hair color? Jang Wonyoung proved that this shade is fun to try.

Jang Wonyoung ‘Iz one’ caramel has a somewhat darker shade, however the existence of a lighter shade will make your hair shade stick out more. The lively shade will certainly give a more youthful impression to your appearance.


Tzuyu ‘Twice’ bright undertone

Tzuyu ‘Twice’ Bright Undertone

Initially glance, this shade resembles brown sugar milk tea, yet Tzuyu ‘Twice’ bright shade. This shade will certainly provide a warmer outcome. For those of you that are active outdoors, this shade is ideal for you.


Yeonwoo ‘Momoland’ chocolate milk tea

Yeonwoo ‘Momoland’ Chocolate Milk Tea

Chocolate is never wrong. To avoid the impression of being average, you can copy Yeonwoo ‘Momoland’ chocolate milk tea hair shade. Paired with a bob cut, this shade will certainly give you a modern search in your total appearance.


Luna F(X) Golden Beige

Luna F(X) Golden Beige

You can additionally get a classic shade by using this hair milk tea. Luna f(X) golden beige you can add a lighter gold beige shade. Besides making your appearance look fresh, this shade likewise gives off a mature as well as sexy perception.

Feel free to explore changing hair color. In order not to miss out on the buzz, which milk tea hair shade would certainly you such as to try?

At very first glance, this color is comparable to brown sugar milk tea, but Tzuyu selected a somewhat lighter shade. In order to avoid the impact of being mediocre, you can copy Yeonwoo’s delicious chocolate milk tea hair shade. You can likewise get a timeless shade by applying this hair milk tea.